Traditional Hand-Fasting Cerimony


Hand-Fasting is an ages old tradition which can either replace or be a beautiful supplement to a wedding ceremony. Historically, this practice was done through Ireland & Scotland as a way for couples to marry in secret without public announcement and also served as the legal form of marriage before the modern legal marriage was practiced. 


Rev. Williams has created a beautiful hand-fasting ceremony which includes a beautiful and romantic 15 minute service, during which time the couple will exchange sacred vows and will / will not exchange rings and then the ceremony is concluded when the maid of honor or best man ties the couples bound hands in a ceremonial ribbon / rope, sealing the couple's universal commitment. 


Rev. Williams will charge a fee of $85 for this service. This fee includes a ribbon / rope is desired, a choice from three written ceremonial speeches as well as the officiant signature and witness service.