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Do No Harm! Proud Member of -- Anomalousl Research Association!                 Professional Member of the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA) in good standing and adheres to the high standards of the IMPA Code of Ethics for the benefit of all concerned and in the spirit of “Do no harm.” For more info, Click Here.Proud Member of -- Click Here to Join the Premiere Paranormal Research Association!

INTRODUCTION:  Balance of Mind Spiritual Counseling is a free non-profit, innovative & gentle paranormal counseling, life coaching & hypnosis practice founded by Rev. Dr. Mike Williams PhD.CPI.CTC.CH. As a respected parapsychologist and hypnosis practitioner, Dr. Williams specifically designed this practice to serve those whom are suffering from the stress and anxiety caused by paranormal attacks, negative energy invasion, general paranormal distress and post UFO abduction anxiety.

MISSION STATEMENT:  It is the personal goal of Dr. Williams to provide help & support to everyone who can benefit from metaphysical paranormal counseling. It is also the mission of Dr. Williams to eliminate the worry of fees & inconvenient scheduling as everyone already has enough stress in life as it is.  

SPIRITUAL vs RELIGIOUS: Balance of Mind Spiritual Counseling does not affiliate with any religious groups, faith organizations or any prescribed doctrine other than that of the spirit and self existence. We do however welcome any belief or theological background a client has with total respect and complete open mindedness.

Initial Consultation

If you're interested in counseling, here is how the process works:

The first step is to contact Dr. Williams via email, text or phone and request a consultationThese consultations are always free of charge, are scheduled for 30 minutes and are an excellent basis to establish if counseling or hypnosis is a good personal fit.

In-Person Sessions

In-Person Sessions
In Person Sessions:  Dr. Williams can make arrangements to meet a client for an in-person session at a mutually agreed upon public location, such as: Starbucks etc. or any other outside seated location If you live in the greater Sacramento, California area and would prefer an in-person session please make a request when inquiring about an initial consultation.

NOTE: Family members and friends are always welcomed to accompany the client to any in-person session. 

Meet Dr. Mike Williams

Dr. Mike Williams PhD. CPI.CSC.CH

Founder, Parapsychologist, Lead Anomalous Researcher, Hypnosis Practitioner, Certified Spiritual Counselor

Dr. Mike Williams is a respected parapsychologist, certified transpersonal counselor, hypnosis practitioner and anomalous researcher. Dr. Williams has specialized training as a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and has earned respected professional memberships with ParaNexus International Anomalous Research Group & the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association.

Sessions with Dr. Williams

Intake Consultation

This is the first step to begin scheduling counseling sessions with Dr. Williams

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Initial Session

This is the first session you will have with Dr. Williams

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Basic 30 Minute Counseling Session

This is the basic level counseling session with Dr. Williams.

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Advanced 1 Hour Counseling Session

This is the advanced level session with Dr. Williams

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30 Minute Hypnosis Session

This is the basic level hypnosis session with Dr. Williams.

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30 Minute Past Life Regressive Hypnosis Session

This session involves looking into past lives through hypnotic regression.

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Parapsychologist Dr. Mike Williams offer free basic paranormal advice and analysis of anomalous evidence in an effort to build upon his ongoing research.

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Miss Stephanie is a Master Tarot Reader and intuitive who has been a part of Dr. Williams investigation team since it's inception. She offers: 3 Card Spreads for $25 Full Spreads for $45 All readings are done via email

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Client Intake Paperwork

This paperwork is to be completed by the client and emailed to Dr. Williams AFTER the intake appointment.



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